By now, we are all familiar with Edward Snowden and the National Security Agency (NSA) documents he leaked which pointed fingers at the US government’s massive collection of private citizen data. Less familiar, is the recent hacking of a baby monitor in which a stranger was able to talk to the infant and move the camera to see the room. What do these have to do with Smart Wiring, or surveillance?

The data collected by the NSA includes the phone records, emails, social media and more, of American citizens. These broad powers were originally granted by President Bush in 2001, and then by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. See this timeline of loosening of laws. The baby monitor was recently hacked by an unknown source. Law enforcement can request video footage from the millions of cameras watching us everywhere we go. All of these intrusions of privacy are very alarming to say the least!

What can we do to protect our privacy or our private property from invading eyes? Most all businesses and many private citizens have installed surveillance video recorders to capture footage of areas they wish to protect. If this sophisticated equipment is not Smart Wired, it is open to invasion of privacy. Smart wiring and encryption practices enable ordinary citizens to avert prying eyes.

To be smart wired, all wire from the different service providers, (phone, Internet, cable, etc.) will be run to the central Smart Wired Inc! control panel. All wiring is then routed through the building from there. A wiring plan is located at the central panel.

In order to access the data over the Internet, passwords and links are required. Smart Wired Inc! uses surveillance best practices which entails changing passwords when key people are no longer allowed access to sensitive information, keeping access to data limited to a trusted few and hiring installers that have passed extensive background investigations.

Smart Wired Inc! installers have passed these extensive background investigations and the company is registered with the Colorado Department of Revenue. We are preferred and experienced providers of surveillance for the Marijuana industry. Call us today for a free consultation on a loss prevention or surveillance system tailored to your specific needs.

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