What is Smart Wiring?

smart wiring for home and businessIn a Smart Wired Inc! plan, all wires are run to a central location and can also include future wiring for expansion. It is easy to determine from the central location any system that may be malfunctioning. Wiring can be anything from phone lines, to Internet cables to fiber optics and beyond.

Ideally, Smart Wiring should be started during the initial building phase, before the drywall goes up. The finishing work can come later. All wire from the different service providers, (phone, Internet, cable, etc.) will be run to the central Smart Wired Inc! control panel. All wiring is then routed through the building from there. A wiring plan is located at the central panel.

If the building is inaccessible until after the dry wall is completed, a Smart Wired Inc! “Future Tube” can be installed between floors and rooms to accommodate assorted wiring from the centrally located Smart Wired Inc! control panel.

Examples of Smart Wiring:

Structured Cabling – We design and build Smart Wired Inc! Infrastructures: structured cabling systems that support multiple voice, data, video, security and multimedia systems. We will design and install the optimum integrated system for your company.

Voice/Data Workstation Drops – A “drop” is basically one run of cable from the central Smart Wired Inc! control panel to the end point (usually an office or cubicle). For each office, cubicle or workstation, you will generally need one drop for the phone line, and one for the computer. You should also take into account drops that are required for things like dedicated network printers and fax machines.

Data Center/Server Rooms – Compacts rooms, ranging in size from a Tier I server room/closet to greater than 5000 sq ft (Tier IV enterprise-class data centers), are characterized by rows of racks, each holding multiple data-manipulating server blades. Data centers, and their smaller server room counterparts, keep the information technology (IT) world running, powering everything from online videos to corporate e-mail.

Smart Wired Inc! System – to support sub-systems that include an Ethernet Network, Integrated Security System, Automated Audio & Video System, Automated Lighting System, Automated Heating & Cooling System, PBX Telephone System and much more.

Structured Media Center – A convergence point for entertainment, communications and security.