Security and Surveillance

Security Systems – Smart Wired Inc! designs and installs security systems for your building perimeter and internal areas. We can use a variety of systems together to provide a custom security solution for your specific needs.

A very good example of how we do this using Video Surveillance Systems combined with other security measures can be seen in this short video: Alarm Door Chime

Burglar Alarms – You can choose wired or wireless systems and include any of the following services for your burglar alarm:

  • Fingerprint sensors
  • Multi-biometric products
  • Smart Wired Inc! Enclosures and Panels
  • Power Supplies
  • RF Receivers
  • Smart Wired Inc! Signs and Decals
  • Speakers, Strobes and Sirens
  • Contacts for Doors and Windows
  • Voice and Cellular Dialers
  • Keyfobs
  • Keypads
  • Motion Detectors
  • Photoelectronic Detectors
  • Alarm Modules
  • Fire Protection
  • Glass Break Detectors
  • Holdup and Panic Buttons

video surveillance systemVideo Surveillance Systems with Remote Monitoring – Smart Wired Inc! video surveillance is custom designed for your facility. You can choose IP or analog, in a large variety of cameras and DVR systems. Your video footage can be saved to use for documentation and it can also be viewed remotely from your computer or smart phone over the Internet. Surveillance video can be used in Court.

We install video surveillance systems in Denver, Colorado as well as other locations across the state.

Inventory Tracking Systems – Smart Wired Inc! has unique tracking systems to monitor your inventory. This enables seamless re-orders and detailed information of your inventory. These systems are customized for your particular industry.

Access Control – To control access to buildings, gates or internal areas.  Choose from Fingerprint, Keypad, or RFID card Access Control systems.   Accurately record who accesses proprietary areas. We can also use multi-biometric products. Biometric identification can be used in many applications and may replace an access card, PIN code and improve the level of security.

Video Systems  (waiting room, office, monitors, etc) – Most medical offices will use a variety of video monitors throughout the office for different purposes.  Smart Wired Inc! Keeps these systems separated, yet accessible.

Intercom Systems – Smart Wired Inc! designs and installs intercoms that     make your business more efficient. Choose from Smart Wired Inc! door     controllers that enable visitors to contact you on existing phones and even on your cell phone. We also have systems that will record full color video and audio so you can have a recorded intercom. With the press of a button, call from room to room.

Phone Systems – Smart Wired Inc! Uses a modular architecture that allows you to add and grow to your phone system as needed. Multi-location integration, voice over IP, IP phones, PBX, IP PBX, traditional phone networks and standard analog telephones, plus add your cell phones as extensions of your system to connect your mobile and teleworkers. Other possible features:

  • Voice mail to your email inbox
  • Powerful interactive voice response editor
  • Call center / Call queue management
  • Music / Info on hold
  • Detailed call records
  • Call routing and forwarding
  • Automated company directory
  • Time-based behaviors555
  • Unlimited extensions and voice mail

Structured Wiring System – to support sub-systems that include an Ethernet Network, Integrated Security System, Automated Audio & Video System, Automated Lighting System, Automated Heating & Cooling System, PBX Telephone System and much more. This is one of the most important installations you can do for your business! Please see our video here , “What is Structured Cabling” for details:

Structured Media Center – A convergence point for entertainment, communications and security.

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