Legalized Marijuana Not As Dangerous as Many Think

According to President Obama, ‘[Legalized Marijuana] is no more dangerous than alcohol’. In fact, President Obama claims that the legalization of cannabis is less dangerous than alcohol, in ‘terms of its impact on the individual consumer’.

While Colorado is the first state to legalize Recreational sale and consumption of Marijuana, banks cannot knowingly do business with them. This means that many Recreational Marijuana shop owners have to deal only in cash, substantially increasing the possibly of being targeted by thieves and robbers.

With new studies showing minimal side effects of Marijuana consumption, more and more adults are turning to legalized marijuana to experience the calming effects of the substance. So drop by a shop, buy some green and light up! It’s completely legal and a great way to de-stress.

So feel free to sell some buds and get some green! But know that anytime you are dealing with a substantial amount of cash, you always risk being targeted by thieves and robbers who are in to get some easy money. Legalized Marijuana is taking Colorado’s economy by storm, make sure you take precautions to protect it!

Both new and established businesses in Colorado can benefit from the expertise, discretion, and value that only someone like Smart Wired Inc! can offer. A registered vendor with the Marijuana Enforcement Division, Smart Wired Inc! has been installing, servicing and  monitoring CCTV and security systems for the Colorado Recreation Marijuana industry for 5 years. Don’t let the selling of legalized marijuana let your business become an easy target. Mention this blog article for a HUGE 20% discount on our security and surveillance systems! So help keep your business in the black by keeping your green where it belongs!


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