Marijuana Industry Security Services

MED MMJ Video SurveillanceSecureCam is a MED Licensed Vendor for the MMJ industry and provides MMJ video surveillance and security systems for Medical Marijuana Centers (MMCs), Optional Premise Facilities (OPCs) and Manufacturers of Infused Products (MIPs).  Our cost-effective solutions meet all MED requirements.

SecureCam technicians are licensed and badged; having passed the stringent background check requirements of the MED.  This insures compliance with the MED and peace of mind for your MMJ business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Have there been updates to the current DVR list?

SecureCam has requested a meeting with the new director of the MED. Hopefully, we will have an update shortly. Stay tuned!

Q: How many MED State licenses have been issued as of 12/1/2011?

The MED has issued 28 licenses to MMJ businesses and several hundred more await local approval or denial.

Q: Can an MED registered vendor add a DBA to the company name?

According to the MED, No.

Q: If an Optional Premise Grow warehouse rents grow space to other OPCʼs, can they share one surveillance system? 

According to the MED, No. Each OPC must have their own surveillance system, including a locked room for their individual equipment. This needs to be considered when designing rental space for other grows within your facility.

Q: Why didn’t the DOR use a spec list instead of a brand list? It makes it appear that someone at the DOR has an agreement with these particular manufacturers.  Otherwise, why not just give us specs?

The Public Information Officer for MED, says: “I can assure you that no one at DOR has any agreement with any of the manufacturers – we are under very stringent ethics rules which would result in the loss of our jobs should such an agreement be put in place. The reason we chose specific manufacturers and limited the number to ten is because each provides its own operating system and our surveillance system must be compatible with the variety of systems put into Colorado’s Medical Marijuana businesses. By limiting the manufacturers of DVR systems allowed, we limited the number of operating systems that our surveillance system must be compatible with, while still providing the industry with a variety of choices.”

Q: Does a contractor use a visitor badge, a license, or neither?

The Public Information Officer for MED, says: If they are a contractor working on a one-time visit then they could be issued a visitor’s badge, but an owner or manager must be with them at ALL TIMES.

Q: Many contractor businesses (electrical, plumbing, cameras, etc) use different sub-contractors and you don’t always know which one, so who exactly has to have a license?

From MED: “Any worker that would regularly visit a restricted area of a Medical Marijuana business – for example a security contractor may spend several days installing a system in one business and then move on to the next one and again spend several days installing that system – these individuals would be expected to be licensed by the MED.”

Q: What do we do if we don’t have a Vendor license yet?

From MED: ” Meanwhile, you can operate as usual with a visitors pass.”

Q: If the DVR is housed in a locked room that only badged employees have access to, does the DVR also have to be in a lockbox?

From MED: I just want to clarify, these two requirements must be met:

  • The room in which the security surveillance equipment is house is a locked room that only badged employees have access, and…
  • There is a camera inside the room that is trained on the security surveillance equipment.

Q: NONE of the Speco models listed on the DVR list are available anymore. Will MED be adding the replacement models to the DVR list?

From MED: “We have an RFP published and cannot change the list. We have already said that if it meets minimum specs and software is the same you can use the upgrade. That’s on the web site.”