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The savvy business will have as a very basic security system, a burglar alarm and a video surveillance system in Denver, Colorado. These two basic security measures come with a multitude of options. Getting quotes from several vendors can be very confusing if you don’t understand your options.

A basic burglar alarm consists of a keypad, for turning the system on and off. Door sensors detect when the door is opened. Glass break sensors detect a breaking window, and motion sensors detect movement. A cell, network or phone line can be tied to a monitoring subscription. All of these work together to provide local law enforcement with notice that there has been an intrusion at your facility.

Adding a video surveillance system to the security of your business improves your chances of catching the intruder. Video can also verify that employees or customers are following the rules. The first thing law enforcement will ask for after a break-in is a video of the area.

A video surveillance system consists of video cameras, a DVR, power supply, battery backup and a ventilated room or lockbox. There are many different types of equipment to choose from. Your Smart Wired Inc! professional can help you navigate the different choices.

It used to be that digital video provided the best clarity of footage. However, analog systems are catching up and can provide excellent clarity for a fraction of the price! Even when zooming in on a video frame to see things like car tags, tattoos, and the like, high resolution analog produces clear images.

Some of the most interesting cameras come with an assortment of lenses built into one camera. That means you could have a frame showing the parking lot, then another of the entry door and still another separate frame zooming in on the cash register-all in one frame! The advantage of that is it only takes up one channel on your DVR.

Smart Wired Inc! can evaluate your needs and provide a free quote for an appropriate security system for your facility. We especially enjoy trouble shooting complex situations to come up with a unique solution. Take a look at this video to see how we resolved one such situation: Door Alarm Chime

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