Effective Denver Surveillance Systems Keep Your Store Shoplifter-Free

Shoplifting is much more common than you think. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP), approximately 27 million Americans are considered shoplifters. Furthermore, only 25 percent of shoplifters are below legal age, meaning 75 percent of shoplifters are adults.

10 Tips to Beat Shoplifters

Obviously, the business impact of shoplifters is hard to stomach. Beyond the loss in sales, your store may gain a reputation as an “easy target”, inviting even more shoplifters into your premises.

Typically, one of the best ways to deter shoplifters would be to install Denver video surveillance systems in your store. The presence of cameras and the potential of incriminating evidence is usually enough to make would-be shoplifters think twice. You have to be a little more creative, however, to deter more hardened shoplifters. To accomplish this, here are a few tips:

Rearrange the Layout

Your CCTV cameras won’t be of much help if your displays block the camera’s line of sight. Rearrange your layout to eliminate blind spots for both your cameras and your staff. Shoplifters will often abandon any attempts if they cannot hide merchandise safely. Providers of Denver surveillance systems like Smart Wired Inc. can help you choose appropriate systems, as well as help you plan an appropriate layout.

Assertive Customer Service

If you can spare the manpower, have employees man the floor and be assertive with their customer service. Teach them to approach customers to ask if they can help someone with anything, especially if they linger around a particular display. This simple act can help unnerve less-committed shoplifters. For smaller stores, greeting each customer who enters is a good way to let would-be shoplifters know you’re aware that they’ve entered your store.

Lock It Up

The most attractive items to a shoplifter’s eyes are the ones that are small and valuable. Customized pens, small bottles of designer perfume, and smartphones are easy and attractive targets. These items are best left behind a lockable display or right behind the cashier’s counter.

Stricter Return Policies

Some shoplifters nab items from your store with the intention of coming back and asking for a refund. To prevent this, make presenting a receipt with all returns a store policy. At the very least, only offer same-item returns. This should significantly cut down the amount of people who practice the type of scam.

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