Colorado Recreational Marijuana shops lighting up with profits

Lighting up the green is putting more green in Marjuana shop owners bank accounts. Accodring to the Huffington Post, owners of 37 local dispensories raked in a collective gross profit of $5 million in their first week of operations. Colorado is the first state to legalize Marijuana consumption for adults over 21 years of age, an action that is expected to rake in nearly $600 million in combined sales in the coming year.

pakistan-cannabis-plantSo feel free to get a bud and light it up! However, whenever there is any operation that rakes in a lot of money, there is an opportunity and motive for robbers to get away with some quick cash. More and more shop owners are turning to wired security systems to help secure their premises. Let Smart Wired Inc! provide you peace of mind with a state-of-the-art security system that will deter theft and help you keep your hard earned cash!

Decrease shrinkage and increase profit by secuirng your premise with Smart Wired Inc! When there is a demand for the product you are suppling, people will find creative ways to get what they want, some ways more legal than others. Smart Wired Inc! has been serving the industry long enough to realize that to stay in business you need to be wired for success!

New or established businesses in Colorado can benefit from the expertise, discretion, and value that only someone like Smart Wired Inc! can offer. Smart Wired Inc! has been installing, servicing and monitoring CCTV and Security systems for the Colorado Marijuana industry for 5 years. We are a registered vendor with the Marijuana Enforcement Division. Mention this blog article for a HUGE 20% discount on our security and Surveillance systems!




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