Colorado Recreational Marijuana shop owners at-risk

Green for all! Recreational Marijuana users in Colorado are celebrating new found access to the green peace that has long been difficult to procure legally. Long-time supporters like actor Tommy Chong are joining the interested masses in patronizing legal establishments selling MJ in Colorado.  Green is good for business owners offering the recreational plant to a growing audience locally and across the country. You can find current MJ happenings across the country on Facebook at

potSo, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, but be aware that where there is smoke there can be fire! Whenever there is an opportunity to put either kind of green into your pocket, there comes the possibility of someone trying to short-cut the process. More and more savvy Colorado Recreational Marijuana shop owners are turning to Smart Wired Inc! to safeguard people and profits from pillagers. Having a well-placed and technologically advanced security system can cost less to install than you might think, and it will surely save you thousands as a business owner in peace of mind and profits.

Protecting the green that you have worked long and hard to produce is serious business. When you have a product that people want, people can get creative at finding new ways to get a discount, not always ethically or legally. Smart Wired Inc! has been serving the industry long enough to realize that to stay in business you need to be wired for success!

New or established businesses in Colorado can benefit from the expertise, discretion, and value that only someone like Smart Wired Inc! can offer. Smart Wired Inc! has been installing, servicing and monitoring CCTV and Security systems for the Colorado Marijuana industry for 5 years. We are a registered vendor with the Marijuana Enforcement Division. Mention this blog article for a HUGE 20% discount on our security and Surveillance systems!


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