Colorado Marijuana Regulation Causing International Discussion

“We’ve been curious about this, but we didn’t think we could go this route,” noted Sam Kamin, a
University of Denver law professor who helped construct the Colorado marijuana regulation.
Countries around the world, including Morocco and Jamaica are looking to the United States,
and specifically Colorado and Washington, as models for marijuana legislation. Some countries
feel that if cannabis is legalized and regulated in their own countries, it would be a new form and
revenue and could even decrease drug-related violence.

“Gov. Perry is opposed to the legalization of marijuana, but as a staunch defender of the 10th
Amendment he believes states should have the right to decide issues like this,” remarked Rich
Parsons, a spokesperson for Gov. Rick Perry of Washington in reference to the Washington
governor’s views on State rights around marijuana legalization and regulation.
“There is very little impact on our community in a negative way,” stated Mayor Brian Siefried
from Garden City, CO. Since the legislation has passed, there has been and eighty-one percent
decrease in the number of possession arrests. The state predicts an reduction of $12-40 million
for not having to enforce old possession laws. Based on the success of the Colorado Marijuana
Regulation known as Amendment 64, other states such as California, Maine, Montana, Nevada
and Oregon and considering passing decriminalization bills.

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