Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates

Automatic gates can prevent the problem of getting out of the car to open a gate manually, which can be difficult and even dangerous, especially during those cold Colorado winters!   It can even be impossible if you have a steep driveway with no way to safely get out of the car. Automatic gates are the convenient […]


Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division

Colorado Medical Marijuana Centers have specific requirements for video surveillance systems. These requirements come from the MMJ laws and are regulated by the Department of Revenue, which has a Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division, referred to as the MED.  Smart Wired Inc! has a surveillance division, SecureCam, that supports the Medical Marijuana Center video surveillance regulations. This […]

Access Control Systems Denver

Access Control Systems Denver At Smart Wired Inc!, we get a lot of calls for Access Control Systems Denver. The following answers some of the questions you may have. FAQ: Q: What is an Access Control System? A: It basically allows limited access through doors, gates, garages and the like. Even some toll roads and […]

Video Surveillance Denver and Security for Businesses

The recent tragedy in Aurora, Colorado reveals the need for heightened Video Surveillance Denver  and security for businesses and public places.  The killer came into the theater through an exit door wearing a gas mask. Had there been a     monitored video surveillance on those doors and the parking lot, he would have been […]


ELDER CAM and NANNY/PET CAMS Smart Wired Inc! receives many calls regarding using an Elder Cam or Nanny Cam for their loved ones or beloved pets. We have recently answered that demand with a new set of video surveillance cameras to choose from. These can be easily, and discreetly, set up to record directly to […]