Discreet Denver Surveillance Systems Help Keep the Peace in Schools

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School should always be a fun place to make friends while preparing the building blocks for adult life. The problem is that it cannot be possible when certain unfortunate things happen within the premises but escape the academe’s attention, cementing further the case for a continuously active surveillance system. Eric Ross of KOAA News 5 […]

Effective Denver Surveillance Systems Keep Your Store Shoplifter-Free

10 Tips to Beat Shoplifters

Shoplifting is much more common than you think. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP), approximately 27 million Americans are considered shoplifters. Furthermore, only 25 percent of shoplifters are below legal age, meaning 75 percent of shoplifters are adults.

Remote Video Monitoring is the Future of Denver Surveillance Systems

Business Security Efforts

Denver surveillance systems are getting an upgrade. IP-based networks are growing, meaning remote access is now possible for a wider range of security applications. Consequently, security professionals can keep tabs on surveillance activities by means of any internet-enabled mobile device or laptop. Companies, in turn, are tapping into the power of remote video monitoring to […]

How can Smart Wired Inc! Help your business?

The savvy business will have as a very basic security system, a burglar alarm and a video surveillance system in Denver, Colorado. These two basic security measures come with a multitude of options. Getting quotes from several vendors can be very confusing if you don’t understand your options. A basic burglar alarm consists of a […]

Colorado Marijuana Regulation Causing International Discussion

“We’ve been curious about this, but we didn’t think we could go this route,” noted Sam Kamin, a University of Denver law professor who helped construct the Colorado marijuana regulation. Countries around the world, including Morocco and Jamaica are looking to the United States, and specifically Colorado and Washington, as models for marijuana legislation. Some […]