Banking turns a Cold Shoulder to Marijuana Dispensaries

“You don’t want just huge amounts of cash in these places. They want to be able to use the
banking system,” remarked Attorney General Eric Holder in reference to the regulations around
not allowing legalized Marijuana Dispensaries shop owners access to banking services.

According to Business Week, legalized Marijuana sells at $400 per ounce, double the cost of Marijuana sold for medicinal purposes. This high price point could put Marijuana dispensary owners at risk of robbery or theft, which could directly affect their bottom line. When dealing with such large amounts of cash, it would be best to take some precautions to protect your hard earned income.


banking1So feel free to sell some weed and make some green! But be aware that anytime you’re dealing with an high demand product, you always risk becoming a target to people looking for an easy income, legal or not. Legalized Marijuana dispensaries are making a splash in Colorado’s economy; cash in their lucrative business today!


Whenever a high-income product is being sold, there will always be people interested in getting
away with some easy dough, legally or not. Shrinkage is a problem that many new Marijuana
dispensary owners face. Make sure you take precautions to protect your product, your employees
and your income.

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